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Meet Our Ghostwriting Gurus

Following are brief introductions to our team of writers and ghostwriters.  Each bio includes the specialties of that writer, plus a short overview of past credits, and their state.

Once you decide you might like to work with our team members and sign up with us, we will provide you with more detailed bios and contact information of a few writers you think would be a good fit for you.

You can then talk to them directly about your project, and once you decide who you would like to work with, we will provide you with an agreement for your project and the writer can begin work.



Alice is an award-winning writer, ghostwriter, and editor. Her areas of expertise include health/medicine, psychology, self-help, small business, and memoir. She has written 13 books (including three NY Times bestsellers) published by major houses such as Random House, Rodale, and HarperOne. She often works with doctors, health experts, and health education organizations. In addition to books, Alice writes articles, blogs, and custom content.


New Jersey

Art specializes in nonfiction personal and business memoir and biography. His areas of disciplinary expertise include psychology and the behavioral sciences, law and art. He also provides conceptual/developmental editing in fiction and nonfiction novel. His primary interest is in people; particularly the uniquely personal stories of our lives and the things that ultimately become most meaningful to each of us. He has produced more than 30 books over the past 9 years.


North Dakota

Brunella is a best-selling editor and ghostwriter, Her fields of expertize are: memoirs, history, military, fitness, self-help, African American history and culture, Rap music, and Italian history and culture. Throughout her career, she has had the pleasure of working with Award-winning authors, best-selling authors, as well as a wide range of well-respected and prominent publishing houses.


New Jersey

Chris’s main areas of expertise are fiction, wine, fitness, emergency medicine and parenting. She is only forty minutes from two different airports so she can fly anywhere. The books she  has written for clients include various types of romances, a book on running and a memoir about a woman with schizophrenia. She has also done proposals for a dating book and a Christian self-help book.



Christine is an experienced author, ghostwriter, and editor who specializes in medical and psychological self-help topics. Chris has coauthored books with physicians in many different specialties and one of her books of fibromyalgia sold more than 100,000 copies in two editions. She has also ghosted books for psychiatrists, neurologists, pediatricians, and doctors from other specialties. Christine is an excellent researcher who meets deadlines.


Tennessee, New York, London, France

Donna is an award-winning, New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter, Author, Book Doctor, and Editor, who specializes in young adult fantasy, sci-fi, thrillers/mysteries, memoirs, thought leadership/motivational, and historical fiction. She has published over 100 books with major publishers in the U.S. and abroad. She has written screenplays for feature films, HBO, and TV shows in the U.K. She also helps clients all over the world find literary and entertainment agents, publishers and film producers.



Francine, a longtime business journalist with international experience, now writes, edits and ghostwrites books and e-books on entrepreneurship, startups, finance and company histories.  Books on self-help and personal philosophies are also among the projects she has authored.   Francine writes promotional literature including e-books and blog posts.  As a ghostwriter or book coach, she also guides people to write theirmemoirs and family histories. She gives courses on how to write one’s memoir.



Gini’s specialties include popular business, self-help, memoirs, social issues, criminal justice, film scripts, blogs, and articles.  She has published over 50 books with major publishers and self-published over 60 books through her own company.  She has 6 film scripts for feature films, TV pilots, and documentaries in release, post-production, and production.  She also helps clients find publishers, agents, and film producers, and can help them self-publish their book.



Janis’ specialties include both fiction and nonfiction, including memoirs, and speeches, public relations, content for a food care website and white papers.. She has thirty years of ghostwriting, writing, and editing experience at all levels.  Her time management and eye for detail were honed when she wrote articles that highlighted  local industry for an area newspaper, and she subsequently became the Chicago correspondent for two nationally distributed New York trade publications.



Jeff specializes in personal finance and business-related books.   He is the author of 21 books, including 12 that were ghostwritten. His particular areas of interest in personal finance include retirement planning, debt reduction, mutual funds and other areas of portfolio management. With regard to business, he has written extensively about entrepreneurs, small business management, work place issues and other topics. He has also ghostwritten books covering family-owned businesses and family offices.



Karen specializes in ghostwriting, collaborating, doctoring, and editing books and book proposals on behalf of her clients. Her key topics include business, self-help, memoir, spiritual, health, and screenplay-to-novel projects. She is a bestselling author in her own right, and through her expertise has elevated several of her clients to bestselling author status as well. She works directly with several literary agents, and her clients have published books with major publishing houses.


Providence, RI

Kate is a New York Times-bestselling ghost writer and editor who specializes in health, wellness, personal development, self-help and spirituality. Kate’s three decades in book publishing began in San Francisco, where she spent two decades connecting with a mass women’s audience, as a producer of websites and books and as a freelance journalist, where her work has appeared in dozens of national publications, including  Whole Living, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, and Playboy.


New York

Melanie specializes in psychological and spiritual self-help, popular business, health/medicine, and film/theater/dance. She has published 6 of her own books with Running Press/Perseus and ghostwritten 20 books that were published by such houses as Macmillan, Hyperion, and Hay House. She has also ghostwritten book proposals that have sold to major publishers and has developmentally edited 50+ books that have won more than 30 awards.



Richard’s specialties are business writing, including write about leadership, the Internet of things, technology, memoirs, and science fiction/fantasy. He is a professional blogger and ghostwriter with a strong background in management, leadership and computer technology. He has written and published 56 books of his own, and has ghostwritten 12 more, including subjects such as business, the Internet of Things, memoirs and even a novel.


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